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How we made this

Nine of us, aged 11 to 22, worked on ‘We are lonely, but not alone’ with Effervescent : a design agency committed to creating large scale positive change.

Who we are

We wanted to start to break down the stigma and shame which comes with being lonely when you are a child or young person. Loneliness was something we all experienced.

Our individual loneliness stories were all different – some of us have very difficult home lives, some of us have moved cities or countries to places where everyone else already has friendship groups, some of us look really different to everyone else, and some us aren’t sure why we don’t fit in, but we just haven’t found our people.

When we thought about loneliness:

  • We thought it was our fault
  • We thought it would probably last forever
  • We put on a brave face and pretended it didn’t hurt
  • We looked at the floor so we didn’t catch people’s eyes and feel worse

There are thousands of us going through this:

We are lonely, but not alone

By making this campaign together, we’ve all started to share our experiences, and that’s helped us feel so much better about what we’ve gone through. It hasn’t taken all the pain away, but we have realised that we are all really great people: our loneliness has been caused by life and fate rather than because we don’t deserve good friends.

We hope that this campaign gives you some of that reassurance, too.

Why yellow socks?

Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone can help.

We want to begin building a community of people who care about young people’s loneliness.

Yellow socks are an easy way to do this. They’re eye catching, Yellow is a hopeful colour, and socks are semi-hidden like loneliness! When we wander around not looking people in the eye but looking down, maybe we will see that other people care about loneliness, too.

Who is supporting us?

‘We are lonely, but not alone’ has been funded by the Co-op Foundation – the leading charity tackling young people’s loneliness in the UK – and government.

Effervescent has supported us through our initial research, design and development phase, and then built this campaign alongside us.