Lonely Not Alone - Credits

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Lonely Not Alone is a Co-op Foundation campaign created in partnership with young people and specialist co-design agency, Effervescent.

From day one, young people helped guide our decision-making. Without them, the campaign wouldn’t be what it is today.

Find extra support if you're lonely

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2022 campaign designed and developed by: 

Rosie Edwards, 14, Anthony Ward, 18, Chloe Thomas, 19, Nathan Seatter-Messer, 18, Zak Betraoui 17, Claire Muhlawako Madzura, 18, Marion Simakungwe, 18, Elorm Fiavor, 18, Charlotte Zisimides, 20, Alima Niang, 20, Helen Garnett, 22 

Drawing on original 2019 Lonely Not Alone brand and campaign plus 2021 Universe created by: 

Abeer Abdul Aziz, 20, Claire Madzura, 18, Dani Knight, 23, Elorm Fiavor, 18, Finlay Myers, 15, Harry Foreman, 24, Rosie Symes, 25, Taylor Lomas, 16, Tamar Okunhon, 15, Noah Wright, 16, Reece Emerton, 16, Zak Betraoui, 17, Nathan Seatter-Messer, 18, Amina Subhani, 19, Chloe Thomas, 19, Alima Niang, 20, Helen Garnett, 22, Josie Moran, 22 

Writing by: 

Campaign co-designers, with Katie Dancey-Downs, 32 

Films, Photography and Adverts featuring: 

Chloe Thomas, 19, Nathan Seatter-Messer, 18, Zak Betraoui 17, Claire Muhlawako Madzura, 18, Helen Garnett, 22, Chloe Vaughn, 19, Abriella Bierer, 22, Anna Ray, 23, Elorm Fiavor, 18, Emily Harrison, 29, Francesca Darwin, 20, Jesse Reed, 21, Lucy Smith, 21, Onioluwa Taiwo, 20, Zeear Ibrahim, 23 

Films, Photography and Adverts by: 

Dagmar Scheibenreif, 43, Jaeda Owens, 31, Sarah Brittain Edwards, 44, Joanne Tyler, 61, Simon Green, 49, Zander Grinfeld, 42, Ceri Boddy, 22, Tom Bourne, 35, Andrew Hurtel-Hymans, 55, Liam McLuckie, 27, Ruby Sanders, 23 Gwyn Hemmings, 36, Hana Backland, 42, Harry Foreman, 24, Sunny Day, 30, Tom Harding, 45, Rosie Edwards, 14, Charlotte Zisimides, 20 

Lonely Not Alone Universe by Digital Wonderlab: 

Jack Wood-Pearce, 40, Kevin Triggle, 41, Tom Passmore, 43, Stuart Hobbs, 42, Deborah Fortescue, 44, Jamie Orrell, 31, Nathan Baranowski, 44, Laura Pinkstone, 45 

Original Lonely Not Alone website by Venn Creative: 

Zander Grinfeld, 42, Andrew Hurtel Hymans, 47, Louise Hannaford, 26, Tom Bourne, 34 

Co-op Foundation: 

Andy Mortimer, 37, Hannah Charlton, 31, Sophie Beresford, 29, with support from Dinita Moore, 34, and Angelica Nwosu-Paini, 25, from Mōrēs agency 


Bethany Rose Dunn, 24, Claire Muhlawako Madzura, 18, Freya Trevor-Harris, 27, Eloise Malone, 44, Phil Innes, 52, Rich Halliday, 40 

Thanks to: 

Alex Man and Johanna Magi at RSBC; Alison Norrington; Bernie Klein and Nicholas Phair at Telbee; Bev Write and Carly Ewell at Ourside Youth Centre; Emily Clixby at Mencap; Fred Deakin at Cornwall Astronomy Society; Kay Roberts at Cornwall Council; Kevin Franks and Youth Focus North East; Leigh Johnstone at Fluid Motion Theatre; Nick Cook at Barnardo’s; Sam George at Derby Theatre; John Mildmay-White and Izzy Luscombe at Flete Estate; Darren Stoneman, Allan Miller, Alice Pope, and Letitia Price at Plymouth City Council; Helen Harris at St Michael’s Church, Brentor; Kevin at A8 Van Hire