Lonely Not Alone - Credits

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Lonely Not Alone is a Co-op Foundation campaign created in partnership with young people and specialist co-design agency, Effervescent.

2021 campaign designed and developed by 

Alima Niang, 19; Amina, 19; Chloe Thomas, 18; Claire Muhlawako Madzura, 17; Elorm Fiavor, 17; Finlay, 14; Helen, 21; Josie, 21; Maddie, 22; Nathan Seatter-Messer, 17; Noah, 15; Reece, 15; Tamar Okunhon, 14; Zak, 16. 

Drawing on original 2019 Lonely Not Alone brand and campaign created by 

Abeer Abdul Aziz, 19; Claire Madzura, 17; Dani Knight, 22; Elorm Fiavor, 17; Finlay Myers, 14; Harry Foreman, 23; Rosie Symes, 24; Taylor Lomas, 15. 

Writing by the campaign designers, with Katie Dancey-Downs, 31. 

Films featuring 

Abriella Bierer, 21; Anna Ray, 22; Claire Muhlawako Madzura, 17; Elorm Fiavor, 17; Emily Harrison, 28; Francesca Darwin,19; Jesse Reed, 20; Lucy Smith, 20; Onioluwa Taiwo, 19; Zeear Ibrahim, 22. 

Films by 

Gwyn Hemmings, 35; Hana Backland, 41; Harry Foreman 23; Sunny Day, 29; Tom Harding, 44. 

Lonely Not Alone Universe by Digital Wonderlab 

Jack Wood-Pearce, 39; Kevin Triggle, 40; Tom Passmore, 42; Stuart Hobbs, 41; Deborah Fortescue, 43; Jamie Orrell, 30; Nathan Baranowski, 43; Laura Pinkstone, 38.

Original Lonely Not Alone website by Venn Creative 

Zander Grinfeld, 41; Andrew Hurtel Hymans, 46; Louise Hannaford, 25; Tom Bourne, 33.

Co-op Foundation 

Andy Mortimer, 36; Hannah Charlton, 30; Kerry Hogan, 33; Laura Potter, 27; Sairah Rehman, 32. 


Bethany Rose Dunn, 23; Dani Knight, 22; Eloise Malone, 43; Phil Innes, 51; Rich Halliday, 39. 

Thanks to 

Alex Man and Johanna Magi at RSBC; Alison Norrington; Bernie Klein and Nicholas Phair at Telbee; Bev Write and Carly Ewell at Ourside Youth Centre; Emily Clixby at Mencap; Fred Deakin at Cornwall Astronomy Society; Kay Roberts at Cornwall Council; Kevin Franks and Steve Watson at Youth Focus North East; Leigh Johnstone at Fluid Motion Theatre; Nick Cook at Barnardo’s; Sam George at Derby Theatre.