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Lonely Not Alone is a Co-op Foundation campaign created in partnership with young people and specialist co-design agency, Effervescent.

Space. Vast, empty, cold. Loneliness can feel this way too.

Floating aimlessly, it’s hard to feel the gravitational pull from people who love you for who you are. In this never-ending void, you silently orbit people who look like they’re having more fun and living a better life than you.

But even though you may not be able to see it, you’re actually part of a beautiful constellation. A group of young people spread far and wide, connected by their shared experiences.

In the darkest skies, the stars shine brightest

When we got together to create Lonely Not Alone, we realised that as a group we’re talented, strong and gorgeously weird people. Like stars in the night sky, we’re fierce, fiery, beautiful balls of energy and light, waiting to find meaningful connections in the darkness.

We find ourselves isolated, but there’s nothing wrong with who we are, we just haven’t found our place in the universe yet. We haven’t found our tribe.

Welcome to the Lonely Not Alone universe

We built the Lonely Not Alone universe for ourselves, and for you. Here, we all know what it’s like to be lonely. This is a safe place for young people to share our stories; to connect with others who’ve had similar experiences to us and may have found a way to make things better; to know we’re not alone.

In this digital universe you can share your story anonymously and we’ll help you find your constellation; people who share some of the same experiences and challenges as you… think of them as your tribe.

Here, you belong

Our universe is home to 10 constellations. The Hedgehog constellation is full of people who are hurting, but don’t let anyone get near enough to help. Urban Foxes have been moved from place to place and feel like outsiders. Unicorn constellation is made up of talented people who just don’t seem to fit in with those around them.

Each constellation is a place for young people to belong.

One Small Step

Loneliness doesn’t have to be forever, and taking one small step could be a giant leap forward. It might be something we do ourselves. Somebody else might help.

Saying we’re lonely may feel like a small step, but it takes a lot of courage. By sharing our stories in the Lonely Not Alone universe we can take that step together. You’ll be able to see the one small step that helped some of these young people find a way through, and we hope you’ll realise that loneliness is something that has happened to you; it’s not who you are.

If you’re not lonely yourself, but you’d like to do something to support others who are, this is a place to discover the one small step you could take to help.

This universe is real

Each Lonely Not Alone constellation has been mapped to a real constellation, so you can look up at the night sky from your bedroom window or your back garden and see your star up there, shining bright.

In our universe the constellation known as Pegasus is made up of trailblazing Unicorns, and Perseus is brave Polar Bears.

When we feel lonely, we’ll look up into the sky and know that we’re not alone. We’ll know that although the universe goes on forever, loneliness doesn’t have to.

Astronauts in yellow socks!?

Since Lonely Not Alone was developed in 2019, yellow socks have been our symbol of solidarity. Every time you wear yellow socks you’re standing in solidarity with lonely young people, just like the astronauts in the Lonely Not Alone universe.

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